My Design Journey...


Every story has a beginning, and everyone’s is different with their profession. I initially entered the graphic design business by assisting a local non-profit organization with posters for their numerous fundraisers throughout the year. It was then that I began learning basic tools and functions in design with a quickly growing passion for creativity.

​Not all too long afterwards, I was hired as the principle graphic designer at QSaltLake Magazine; Utah's monthly gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and ally news and entertainment magazine, where I have been trained much more extensively with graphic design techniques and knowledge. I have been their graphic designer from December 2008 to the present.

Through my work at QSaltLake, I have extended my knowledge and training of design much further through the Adobe Creative Suite into creating print ad work for much of the clientele. At QSaltLake as well as the company’s annual directory, QPages, I work with numerous clients both new as well as long-time clientele, assisting them with all of their advertising needs, and working with them to bring their ad ideas and visions to reality and print.


My passion deepened quickly, and I was lucky enough to receive some on-the-job tips and tricks. I also entered into a journey of constantly gaining knowledge, skill, and overall expansion of my design abilities through countless hours of practice, tutorials, techniques, trial & error, and many others. It is a constant journey of eagerness to learn new techniques, hone my skills as well as expand my knowledge and creativity. As my journey has progressed, I've found more and more creativity with personal designs, and I also have been working as a freelance graphic designer aside from my main position at QSaltLake.


I also have passion for other art forms as well and have been designing and making pendants as well. All are designed, laser etched and hand-painted by me. There is a specific gallery for my projects and designs. Check them out as well as on my Etsy site at

Please contact me for inquiries about rates for specific projects or general design time. Turn-around time varies depending on the design needed and can be discussed with the design requested.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions.